Antique Rust Silk Heriz Persian Area Rug
Antique Silk Heriz Persian Area Rug

Antique Silk Heriz Persian Area Rug

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The city of Tabriz, the seat of Azerbaijan Province in northwest Persia, has been a political, artistic, craft and industrial centre for many centuries. The royal Persian Safavid court was located there through much of the 16th century and where there are kings and courtiers, there are luxurious carpets. Weaving died out in the later 17th century and was revived with Western demand in the last quarter of the nineteenth when both fine wool and silk pile carpets were woven. The revival meant that new design formats and colour combinations could be tried beyond what was traditionally acceptable. This carpet is one of those creations. The rust field, produced from the mature madder plant, shows a vertically asymmetric design arranged around a discreet central axis marked by palmettes, overlapping leaves, a small, burgeoning floral vase, a rosette within an acanthus-edged lozenge, and lesser leaves and partial medallions at the top and bottom. Bold, hooked and curved acanthus leaves occupy prominent places in the field. Along the sides are extremely complex half palmettes and there are aroids in the top corners, along with rosettes toward the upper end. As in many Tabriz silks o the period, the rug is far better seen in person than described or even illustrated. The range of imagination is unparalleled in earlier carpets..