Semi Antique Red Qum Persian Area Rug
Vintage Persian Qum (Signed)
Vintage Persian Qum (Signed)

Vintage Persian Qum (Signed)

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Looks like a “Hajji Jalili” period Tabriz scatter, but actually it is a (relatively) modern Qum from central Persia closely interpreting the very dense Herati pattern in the stepped medallion and notched corners, on a lightly abrashed sky blue open field. The ground of the medallion and corners is red, with dark blue more prominent as a detail tone in the central motif and sandy tones dominate the corners. The dark blue border shows upright and tilted palmettes alternating, with small palmette corner resolutions. On most similar antique Tabrizes there are only strip borders with proper turn. Qum rugs are rarely signed. Fine condition.