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Every prospective carpet buyer walks into a store with the same lingering question:  How will I know if the rug is worth what the seller is asking?  A third generation antique rug salesmen, Victor Chaim has spent his life sensitive to this question, and the unique properties that give a carpet its value:  Origin, weave, cultural tradition, quality of the symbolism, and of course, condition.  Further, every buyer has to educate themselves far enough to understand the true nature of their taste.  To buy a rug is more than a shopping experiment.  It is a skill to be able to differentiate an oushak from a Tabriz from a Heriz from a Kashan.  And then within that, to learn the nuance.  What are the carpets that speak to you?  Why?  How do you know YOUR rug when you see it?  Victor has devoted his life to educating customers regarding these very questions.  Helping them identify the difference between a rug that is just pretty, and a rug that speaks to you. Victor's history with these questions goes way back.  To 1916 in Cairo, Egypt, when Victor's grandfather _____ use to sell carpets in the local bazaar.  In the 1940s, Victor's father Khan-Baba would open his own store.  And by the time Victor was 8 or 9 years old, he was side by side with his father and grandfather, rearranging the carpets in the store, identifying breaks in the fabric that needed repair, offering tea to customers and inviting them to sit down and get to know their taste in carpets. By 1975 .Victor was in the United States, with a store  on Madison Avenue in Manhattan.  He says that over the years, the thing that has changed the most about the rug market is _________.  Forty years ago, customers wanted _______.  Now they're more satisfied with ________.  But all the while Victor has seen his job as a kind of matchmaker.  He tries to get to know his customers, to help them hone their personal taste, and find the carpet that is their match. Two years ago, Victor opened The Chevy Chase Design Center.  For years he had dreamed of offering customers one store where they could find a beautiful antique rug, but also a lamp or an end table, or an ottoman that might match.  It took many years to get here, but CCDC is Victor's dream.  Since opening the store, he has sold carpets to _____, ______, and _______.  He has furnished the main room in the _____ Library, and given lectures at ________.He says his dream has finally been fulfilled, and he only wishes that he could widen his reach, find those customers that don't know about his offerings, and invite them to stop by for tea.  When asked if he thinks his grandfather ____ would be proud, Victor smiles and says, "I think so.  I hope he would be.  I hope he would think I'm selling some really beautiful rugs."

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