Since 1916, the Mashihi Family has curated a vast collection of fine antique rugs, vintage rugs, tapestries, and fine arts from around the world. Victor Mashihi leads a family-owned business that is recognized as an established source of unique and rare antique rugs and tapestries for interior decorators, designers, and renowned clientele throughout the United States and abroad.

Moossa Mashihi was the founder of the Mashihi family Art & Rug business in 1916. He moved from Persia to Cairo in Egypt where he curated one of the best collections of fine Persian rugs. Through various international capitals, his expertise had him become a trusted supplier to many decorators and royal families. 

The Mashihi family legacy begins with Moossa Mashihi, the grandfather of Victor. In the early 20th century, Mashihi senior deeply admired the art and crafts of his native Iran and was a pioneering promoter of Persian art in the Global North through a network that he cultivated among royal families and other dignitaries. Khan Moossa’s love of the arts extended to European tapestries. Upon his passing in 1975, Victor’s father became the head of the Mashihi collections, expanding the business and also deepening the family’s commitment to humanitarianism.

In 1975, Victor Mashihi took the reins and moved the business to the United States, expanding to two design centers located in New York, and Washington, DC. Victor travels extensively to search out the rarest and best pieces with which he keeps renewing and expanding the collection.
Our company and its connoisseurship are often called upon to act as consultants and appraisers for many important estates.